Programs We Support

Through the Foundation leadership scholarships and grants, our donors help offset the expenses associated with the leadership programs that enable our young men to strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships essential to a successful and fulfilling life.

Balanced Man Program

SigEp’s Balanced Man Program provides the structure, support, and guidance required for today’s students to fully utilize the 90 percent of college they spend outside classroom walls. Based on equal rights and responsibilities for all members, the program’s progressive challenges allow brothers to grow and fine-tune skills they can’t get in the classroom.  Alumni, volunteers, and university faculty and administration serve as mentors in the program, providing accountability and support.


Chapter and Mentor Retreat

The Chapter and Mentor Retreat is an opportunity to build team dynamics and ensure all incoming officers are on the same page heading into the new year.  The officers leave empowered and prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.  A successful retreat will set clear short-term and long-term action plans for each officer to drive the overall success of a chapter.

Mentor breakfast

Carlson Leadership Academy

The Carlson Leadership Academy provides interactive officer training to over 2,600 undergraduates and volunteers annually. Many undergraduates run for executive board positions because they have great goals and visions for their chapter. Attending an Academy ensures an officer will have the skills to manage a committee and follow through on those goals. The program also helps executive boards work together to ensure they have goals consistent with a unified vision for the chapter.


Life After College

Life After College gives undergraduates the knowledge they need to translate their collegiate success into the professional world. During this two-day leadership event, undergraduates connect with career coaches, sharpen interview skills, and interact with potential employers while exploring the career opportunities that await them after college. Sessions on personal finance, business etiquette, and personal branding and values help brothers seamlessly transition from college to the workplace


Ruck Leadership Institute

The Frank J. Ruck Leadership Institute is an intense five-day event for SigEp’s top rising leaders. The Fraternity’s best and brightest gather for a program focused on personal leadership skills and the Balanced Man Ideal. Participants are stretched both mentally and physically and pushed to explore their potential. The result is that Ruck scholars learn about their leadership styles and how to apply them to different situations. The program’s mission is “Teaching the few to impact the many,” Ruck scholars all return to their campus ready to utilize their new skills to impact their campus and community.


Tragos Quest to Greece

The Tragos Quest to Greece changes how the brothers view the world, their Fraternity, and themselves. Guided by alumni mentors and university faculty, Tragos Quest to Greece Scholars study the influence that Greek philosophy, governance, and the arts have and continue to have in everyday life. Brothers explore Greek culture and contemplate the origins of SigEp’s values and the Balanced Man ideal.


Phillip A. Cox Volunteer Institute

The Phillip A. Cox Volunteer Institute features a day full of programming for SigEp’s most valuable resource — volunteers. Attendees will not only make important connections with other volunteers in their area, but they will also leave with a much better understanding of what is happening in the Fraternity today and have an action plan for implementing what they have learned throughout the day!


Grand Chapter Conclave

Every two years, Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts the largest national gathering of its members nationwide, the Grand Chapter Conclave. As undergraduates and alumni celebrate their brotherhood, delegates consider new legislation and changes to its bylaws that will determine how the Fraternity operates. Attendees participate in personal and professional development activities and honor those who helped make the Fraternity great by bestowing its most important undergraduate and alumni awards.


Next Steps…

Your generous financial support of any size will help provide the structure, support, and guidance required for today’s students to grow and fine-tune skills they can’t get in the classroom.